Pots are a 140mm or 6″ pot.

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  • Acacia implexa – Lightwood

    Lightwood Wattle


    Acacia implexa or Lightwood, is an upright small to medium tree 8 - 15mt in height and 4mt width.   It is a moderately fast growing wattle, with pale yellow flowers in Summer.  Drought and frost tolerant.  Useful as a shade tree, or included in a windbreak planting.

  • Adenanthos sericeus – Woolly Bush

    Woolly Bush


    Adenanthos sericeus or Woolly Bush, is a medium shrub that can grow to 4mt in height.  It has very soft silver/grey, green foliage.  Great contrast plant in any garden, with small red flowers that appear most of the year and for attracting small nectar feeding birds.  Best grown in full sun to part shade.  Responds well to regular pruning to help maintain shape and form.  May also be grown in large pot/tub and shaped as a Christmas Tree.

  • Agonis flexuosa – Willow Myrtle

    Willow myrtle


    Agonis flexuosa or Willow Myrtle is a small to medium tree (8-15m by 4m) with arching branches & fine foliage. White small flowers appear in spring and summer. It is a lovely specimen tree, ideal for your garden or landscape project.

  • Banksia marginata – Silver Banksia

    Silver Banksia


    Banksia marginata or Silver Banksia is variable from a low shrub to a sturdy tree with dense short leaves. Flower are yellow cylindrical spikes.  It is common and hardy on a wide range of well-drained or dry sites. Grows  5m tall by 4m wide. It attracts native birds and insects, and is hardy and suitable for coastal plantings.

  • Brachyscome multifida – Cut Leaf Daisy

    Cut Leaf Daisy


    Brachyscome multifida or Cut Leaf Daisy, is a spreading plant to 45cm in height.  This is a great native to use as a groundcover or for embankment planting.  Flowers throughout the year.  With yellow centres and pink / mauve petals this is an ideal plant to bring some cheer into your garden.

  • Callistemon Kings Park Special

    Red Bottlebrush


    Callistemon "Kings Park Special", is a beautiful hardy bottlebrush, that was first grown from seed at Kings Park Botanical Gardens in Perth.  Growing 3 to 5mt in height and 3 to 4mt in width this is a must for any garden.   It has a profusion of bright red bottlebrush like flowers and slight pendulous form.  Prefers full sun to part shade and is adaptable to most soils.  Fast growing and good for Coastal planting.

  • Callistemon salignus – Willow Bottlebrush

    Willow Bottlebrush


    Callistemon salignus or Willow Bottlebrush is a pretty callistemon with cream flowers in spring. Height 5-10m and a width of 3m. Bird attracting.  The attraction of this plant includes its pink new growth and willow like foliage. It is also often planted as a street tree.  Suitable for most sites including waterlogged sites.

  • Eremophila “Kalbarri Carpet” – Emu Bush

    Emu Bush


    Eremophila "Kalbarri Carpet or Emu Bush is an excellent fast growing ground cover with soft silver/grey foliage and orange/yellow flowers.  Ideal for dry / hot positions in the garden.  Good plant for coastal planting, and thrives best in full sun.  Grows to 30cm in height with a width of up to 2mt.  Hardy drought tolerant plant.

  • Eremophila ‘Mackinlayi’


    Eremophila "Mackinlayi" is a beautiful small native plant, with eye-catching grey foliage and purple flowers. Best results in well drained site, in full sun. This is a stunning plant and a must for every garden. Height 0.5 - 1mt.  Ideal as a contrast or border plant.

  • Eremophila ‘Wild Berry’ – Emu Bush

    Emu Bush


    Eremophila Wild Berry or Emu Bush is a small shrub to 1.5mt height and 1.5mt wide. This is a delightful plant that produces beautiful pink to purple tubular flowers all year. Ideal in any garden setting.  Prefers full sun to part shade.

  • Eucalyptus lehmannii – Bushy Yate

    Bushy Yate


    Eucalyptus lehmannii or Bushy Yate is a small tree with an oval spreading form.   With yellow / green flowers this is an ideal ornamental or specimen tree.  Growing to a height of up to 7mt.

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  • Eucalyptus polyanthemos 140mm pot


    A gorgeous tree, with rounded grey leaves, commonly used in parks and as street trees.  Useful as a firewood timber, also for windbreaks and erosion areas.  Height of 7-25m and a width of 8m, white flowers in spring.

  • Eucalyptus scoparia – Wallangara White Gum

    Wallangara White Gum


    This small graceful tree has a height of 8-12m and a width of 8-10m. It has cream coloured flowers throughout the year. Bird attracting. A smooth grey/white trunk is a feature, with fine leaves. Often planted as a park or street tree.

  • Eucalyptus viminalis 140mm

    Manna Gum


    A tall eucalypt whose bark peels in autumn leaving a white clean trunk. A tree that is adaptable to a wide range of sites and soil types.  It is a fast growing tree, which  the koalas love. This tree has a height of 25-50m and a width of 10m. The flowers are white and appear in autumn.

  • Grevillea “Mt Tamboritha”



    Grevillea "Mt Tamboritha" is a fantastic ground-cover Grevillea, spreading to 1.5mt. Pink spider like flowers. A great addition to any garden.

  • Grevillea ‘Pink Pearl’



    Grevillea 'Pink Pearl' is a dense shrub up to 2mt height, and 1.5 - 2mt width. Very attractive Grevillea, with masses of pink/red flowers. Hardy plant that will bring birds into your garden. Prefers full sun to part shade position in a well drained site.