Tubes are a 5cm square tube which is 7cm deep.

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  • Acacia baileyana purpurea

    Acacia baileyana purpurea – Cootamundra Wattle (Purple Form)


    Acacia baileyana purpurea is a fast growing, easy care small evergreen tree, with purple tinged feathery leaves. Height 5-7mt, Width 3-4mt. With its decorative foliage and masses of bright fragrant yellow flowers in late Winter, this plant is sure to bring some sunshine into your garden. Best results in a sunny position in well drained soil, and is ideal for coastal planting. Will attract birds and bees into your garden.  

  • Acacia boormanii

    Snowy River Wattle


    Acacia boormanii or Snowy River Wattle is a medium bushy shrub with fine grey-green foliage, that grows to about 4 by 4m.  Showy golden yellow flowers. Fast growing & adaptable, tolerating wetness & snow.

  • Acacia elata

    Cedar Wattle


    This is one of the large growing Acacia's reaching a tree of 10-15m high and 5m wide. It is a fast growing attractive tree, that has light yellow flowers in Autumn and beautiful fern like leaves.

  • Acacia fimbriata

    Fringed Wattle


    Acacia fimbriata or Fringed Wattle is a popular ornamental plant which is tolerant of a range of soil types. This plant grows to a height of 3-6m and a width of 3m. The yellow coloured flowers are great for winter colour in the garden.  Hardy once established.

  • Acacia longifolia

    Acacia longifolia or Sallow Wattle


    Acacia longifolia or Sallow Wattle, is a large, quick growing upright large shrub, that can reach 8mt in height.  A great plant for coastal areas as it helps in soil erosion and stabilising sandy sites.  With beautiful golden flower spikes that occur in Spring this is a great plant that will attract Native Birds to your garden.

  • Acacia myrtifolia

    Myrtle/Red Stemmed Wattle


    Acacia myrtifolia or Red stemmed Wattle is a small acacia only growing 1-2mt in height and the same width.  It responds well to pruning as this will help to maintain a compact shape.  Ball shaped yellow flowers appear late winter. It is useful for low maintenance areas and is frost hardy and drought tolerant.

  • Acacia podalyriifolia

    Queensland Silver Wattle


    Acacia podalyriifolia or Queensland Silver Wattle is a popular tall shrub or small tree which reaches about 5 metres in height by a similar spread. The leaves (or truly named phyllodes) are silvery grey in colour, oval in shape and 20-30mm long. Yellow ball-shaped wattle flowers appear in winter and spring.  Frost hardy, and best planted in full sun to part shade.  Ideal as a specimen tree.

  • Acacia suaveolens

    Sweet Scented Wattle


    Acacia suaveolens or Sweet Scented Wattle, is a small shrub growing between 0.3 and 3mt high.   With narrow straight blue / green foliage and pale yellow flowers that appear in Autumn and Winter, this is an ideal small Wattle for your garden.  Responds well to pruning after flowering.   Can tolerate some coastal exposure and is usually frost resistant.   Bird attracting.

  • Agonis flexuosa

    Willow Myrtle


    Agonis flexuosa or Willow Myrtle is a small to medium tree (8-15m by 4m) with arching branches & fine foliage. White small flowers appear in spring and summer. Best in a sunny position in well drained soil.  It is a lovely specimen tree.

  • Allocasuarina torulosa

    Rose Sheoak


    Allocasuarina torulosa or Rose Sheoak is so called for its needle like foliage which turns a copper colour in Autumn. It has deeply fissured  bark and grows in poor soils with minimal rainfall. This tree will grow to a height of 5-8m and a width of 4m.  The seeds are a good food source for cockatoos and parrots.

  • Anigozanthos flavidus- Yellow

    Kangaroo Paw- Yellow


    Anigozanthus flavidus Yellow or Yellow Kangaroo Paw is an attractive perennial which has flower heads up to 1.m tall usually in Summer. Very useful if you are trying to bring birds into your garden. Prefer full sun and a well drained soil, although are adaptable to most soil types.  A very hard tough, hardy Australian Native, that will grow happily in garden settings or can be grown in pots.  A great plant for cut flowers.

  • Callistemon viminalis

    Weeping Bottlebrush


    Callistemon viminalis  or Weeping Bottlebrush, has as the name suggests a weeping habit with red flowers in autumn. It is often used as a specimen tree, hedge or street tree. It is extremely adaptable and can be grown on a large range of sites.  An excellent plant for attracting birds and bees into your garden.  Hardy plant that responds well to pruning after flowering.

  • Casuarina cunninghamiana

    Swamp Sheoak



    Casuarina cunninghamiana or River Sheoak is a medium to large pine-like tree with dark green foliage, growing to 12-25m by 6m. Good soil binder. Handsome & fast growing, a great windbreak tree. Very hardy.

  • Casuarina glauca

    Grey or Swamp Sheoak


    Sturdy small to medium tree with fine grey-green foliage. Grows to 6-20m tall by 6m wide. Fast growing and nitrogen fixing. Hardy & adaptable. Good windbreak tree. Suckers readily. Tolerates dryness & wetness. Useful for planting in saline sites. The wood can be used for timber, posts and poles, sawn building timbers and charcoal.

  • Corymbia maculata

    Spotted Gum


    Corymbia maculata or Spotted Gum is a well known eucalypt with its tall growth habit and mottled bark.  A large tree growing  24-45m tall. Also grown for its timber which is used for construction.  Also great for honey production.

  • Dodonaea viscosa purpurea

    Purple Hop Bush (Not native)


    If you want a screen with puple foliage this may be your bush. bIt only grows 1-3m tall and 3m wide. It has red capsules which provide interest in spring. It is hardy, drought tolerant and will tolerate windy sites.