Tubes are a 5cm square tube which is 7cm deep.

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  • Acacia pravissima

    Ovens Wattle


    Acacia pravissima or Ovens Wattle is a distinctive shrub or small tree with graceful drooping habit & triangular leaves. This plant grows in most soils and tolerates dryness, snow & some coastal exposure. It will grow 3-6m high and 5m wide and flowers in late winter spring. A great plant for the large garden.

  • Agonis flexuosa – Willow Myrtle

    Willow Myrtle


    Agonis flexuosa or Willow Myrtle is a small to medium tree (8-15m by 4m) with arching branches & fine foliage. White small flowers appear in spring and summer. Best in a sunny position in well drained soil.  It is a lovely specimen tree.

  • Allocasuarina littoralis

    Black Sheoak


    Allocasuarina littoralis or Black Sheoak is a shapely large shrub or small tree with fine needle-like foliage. Attractive seed cones. Adaptable to sandy, clayey or rocky sites. Hardy. It grows 6-12m high by 3m wide. This tree is great in wind breaks and will handle coastal exposure.

  • Allocasuarina torulosa

    Rose Sheoak


    Allocasuarina torulosa or Rose Sheoak is so called for its needle like foliage which turns a copper colour in Autumn. It has deeply fissured  bark and grows in poor soils with minimal rainfall. This tree will grow to a height of 5-8m and a width of 4m.  The seeds are a good food source for cockatoos and parrots.

  • Angophora floribunda

    Rough Barked Apple


    The Rough Barked Apple is a medium to large tree (15 to 30m) with clusters of cream white flowers in Spring and Summer. As the name suggests the rough bark is a feature on this tree. It is a great shade tree and can be described as drought tolerant and adaptable to a wide range of soil types, (except waterlogged sites).

  • Anigozanthos flavidus- Yellow

    Kangaroo Paw- Yellow


    Anigozanthus flavidus Yellow or Yellow Kangaroo Paw is an attractive perennial which has flower heads up to 1.m tall usually in Summer. Very useful if you are trying to bring birds into your garden. Prefer full sun and a well drained soil, although are adaptable to most soil types.  A very hard tough, hardy Australian Native, that will grow happily in garden settings or can be grown in pots.  A great plant for cut flowers.

  • Atriplex nummalaria

    Oldman Saltbush


    Atriplex nummalaria or Oldman Saltbush is a large shrub that thrives in arid or semi-arid areas.   Edible plant, if artificial fertiliser is not used, salty in flavour and rich in protein.  Commonly used as a livestock grazing plant.  Has attractive silver foliage growing to a height of 3mt and up to 5mt wide.

  • Callistemon pinifolius

    Green or Red Bottlebrush


    The green bottlebrush flowers of this great plant create a wonderful display in spring and summer contrasting beautifully with other flowers in the garden also great for flower arranging. It is a very hardy plant that is frost tolerant and suitable for a variety of soils including wet areas. It's a low growing shrub to 1.5m. Responds well to pruning.

  • Callistemon sieberi

    River Bottlebrush


    Small, compact plant in alpine areas; taller & more open on lower sites. Adaptable & hardy in most situations. Tolerates snow, moist or dry sites. Benefits from pruning. Grows up to 3m tall and 2-6m wide.

  • Carex appressa

    Tall Sedge


    Carex appressa is a dense, tufted grass like sedge with a arching appearance.  The leaves are sharp and can easily cut, but strong and were used to make baskets. A good plant for the margins of ponds and dams as it is happy to be inundated with water. Grows to about 1m wide and high.

  • Carpobrotus rossii – Karkalla or Pigface

    Carpobrotus rossii

    Karkalla or Pigface



    Capobrotus rossii or Karkalla is a long trailing plant with thick succulent leaves.  An ideal ground-cover for Coastal planting on sand-dunes.  Spreading to 2mt with daisy-like flowers of bright mauve / purple flowers.  This is a very hardy plant.  Fruits and leaves are edible.

  • Casuarina cunninghamiana

    Swamp Sheoak



    Casuarina cunninghamiana or River Sheoak is a medium to large pine-like tree with dark green foliage, growing to 12-25m by 6m. Good soil binder. Handsome & fast growing, a great windbreak tree. Very hardy.

  • Casuarina glauca – Swamp Sheoak

    Grey or Swamp Sheoak, Casuarina glauca


    Casuarina glauca or Swamp Sheoak is a sturdy small to medium tree with fine grey-green foliage. Grows to 6-20m tall by 6m wide. Fast growing and nitrogen fixing. Hardy & adaptable. Good windbreak tree. Suckers readily. Tolerates dryness & wetness. Useful for planting in saline sites. The wood can be used for timber, posts and poles, sawn building timbers and charcoal.

  • Chamaecytisus proliferus

    Tagasaste or Tree Lucerne


    An evergreen shrub with grey green leaves and scented creamy white flowers. This plant is not an Australian native but has been used as a windbreak tree and fodder tree for stock. It can also be used for firewood and bees are attracted to the high nectar flowers in spring. It has been registered as an environmental weed in some areas so check with your local council before planting.

  • Corymbia ficifolia

    Red Flowering Gum


    Corymbia ficifolia or Red Flowering Gum is another beautiful gum tree.  Flowers are large and distinctive appearing in late summer and ranging in color from red, organge, pink and white. This tree has a height of 6-10m and a width of 7m, it has a compact top and rough bark.

  • Dianella tasmanica

    Tasman Flax-Lily


    Dianella tasmanica or Tasman Flax-Lily is a tough hardy plant, with strap like leaves. Grows to 1mt in height with a width of 1mt.  Ideal for mass planting under existing trees.  Blue to violet flowers appear in Spring, followed by violet berries. A very low maintenance plant.