250+ native Australian species
650,000 seedlings grown annually
200,000 plants planted every year
Australian owned & operated since 1995

Native Farm Trees

With over 250 species to plant and decades of experience, you can trust Oz Trees to have the supplies and skills to take on any job. Our friendly team can offer you expert advice to find the right product to suit your soil and how to take care of your new plantation in the long term.

Get your plantation underway

Oz Trees will support you throughout your entire plantation journey. Whether it’s developing and planning your plantation service, working tirelessly to meet your specifications, providing clear and consistent project updates or even offering ongoing, long-term advice, our professional team will ensure that your plantation services exceed your expectations.


  • What species selection do Oz Tree's offer?

    Oztrees offers a large variety of native plants to suit all conditions and soil types. Eucalypts, Banksia’s, Melaleuca’s, Leptospermum’s, Sheoaks, Callistemons, Hakea’s and many more . Advantages of our seedlings are that when you take them from our harsh environment generally the plants will go into a situation that is less harsh and therefore the survival rate will be higher.

  • What ground preparation is required?

    If you want the trees to exceed your expectations in growth then site preparation is the key. Ripping and mounding will provide an ideal environment for a seedling to grow. It provides an environment that is free of barriers, such as buckshot gravel, hardpans caused by livestock or machinery, it provides an increased depth of nutrient rich topsoil and a greater volume of cultivated soil for the roots to grow.

    Weed control is another essential components of a successful planting. No weed control then don’t bother! Research has shown that controlling weeds is one of the most important activities for successful tree growing. Without weed control the plants are competing for nutrients and water.

    We recommend using a chemical regime which is as follows:

    • In spring the year before planting, use a knockdown chemical.
    • In the autumn before planting (after the autumn rains have begun) with a knockdown chemical.
    • Approx.. 3 weeks prior to planting with a knockdown and residual chemical.
  • What distance to plant? What distance between rows?

    For plantations and shelterbelts the ideal distance between plants is 2.5m and the ideal distance between rows is 2.5m.

    For woodlots we recommend 3m between plants and 3m between rows.

  • Does Oz Tree's offer plantation services?

    Oztrees Nursery offers a complete Plantation Service.

    5 Easy Steps to getting your plantation underway

    1. Contact us: Call Mick on 0407 319 966 or email: oztreesplanting@bigpond.com.  Like many of our clients, the best action you can initially take is to call and let us know that you are considering having plantation work done. This will ensure that you get the right advice for your plantation.
    2. Schedule a time to meet: Once we’ve had our initial chat, and better understand what you require, we then make a time to meet and personally develop and plan your plantation requirements. Don’t worry, we step you through the process to make sure all your requirements are met. Remember that this is obligation free.
    3. Lets Go: Once we have personally visited and outlined all your requirements and you are completely satisfied, we then simply schedule your work into our system. From there, we will be in contact with you at the various stages so you are fully informed of where your job is up to.
    4. Planting Time: You have been kept informed along the way and now we are on our way to actually commencing planting.  A professional team will treat your property with respect and make sure your trees are planted properly and on time. We will make sure when the planting is completed that you are 100% satisfied with the work carried out.
    5. It’s Time To Grow: Oztrees doesn’t walk away once the trees are planted but instead works with you all the way to achieving a fantastic result. We will remind you of the the best times to act on weeds, insects etc and offer on-going advice on the best way to manage your plantations.
  • Best time of year to plant?

    The best time of year to plant is after Autumn rains, through to late Spring.

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