Plantation Services

5 Easy Steps…… to getting your plantation underway

1 Call Mick on 0407 319 966 or e-mail:   Like many of our clients, the best action you can initially take is to call and let us know that you are considering having plantation work done. This will ensure that you get the right advice for your plantation planning.

2 Schedule a time to meet Once we’ve had our initial chat, and better understand what you require, we then make a time to meet and personally develop and plan your plantation requirements. Don’t worry, we step you through the process to make sure all your requirements are met. Remember that this is obligation free.

3 Let’s GO Once we have personally visited and outlined all your requirements and you are completely satisfied with this, then we simply schedule your work into our system. From there, we will be in contact with you at the various stages so you are fully informed of where your job is up to.

4 Planting Time You’ve been kept informed along the way and now we’re on our way to actually commence planting. A professional team will treat your property with respect and make sure your trees are planted properly and on time. We will make sure when the planting is completed you are 100% satisfied with the work carried out.

5 It’s ‘Grow Time’ Oz Trees doesn’t walk away once the trees are planted but instead works with you all the way to achieving a fantastic result. We will remind you of the best times to act on weeds, insect’s etc and offer on-going advice on the best way to manage your plantations.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Stewart and Mick standing in a 15 month old plantation showing the benefits of good follow up weed control

Stewart McArthur – ‘Meningoort’ Camperdown:

Like many other farms in Western Victoria, Meningoort planted cyprus trees as the least worst option for wind-break plantations. With the arrival of Oz Trees it has become possible to plant and grow native trees very successfully.

At Meningoort with Oz Trees directions help and advice, a very successful program has been undertaken. In the past seven years about 50,000 native trees have been established and are now growing to quite a reasonable size.

The strategy of planning 12 months ahead, spraying, cultivating, ripping, moulding and rotary hoeing to create a fine seedbed had been the key management criteria in giving the young seedlings every chance to thrive after their planting in August-September.

The Oz Trees team do a great job under Mick’s supervision. The most important feature is that the trees actually get planted early and on time. The quality of the work is first class and in the nursery the young trees are grown outdoors and therefore become acclimatised to cold wind and harsh conditions of Western Victoria.

Mick has an ‘infectious enthusiasm’ to get the job done in the field and his motto is ‘get the trees in the ground and let them start growing today’.

Given that half of the cost of a plantation is in the fencing it is important to get the quality, planting preparation 100% so that everything is in favour of the trees from the very beginning.

It is our personal experience that Oz Trees has done a fantastic job at Meningoort. The new plantations are living proof of Oz Trees very good performance.

Oz Trees is a quality outfit which will do everything in their power to establish new plantations for farmers who wish to add capital value and shelter belts to their farming enterprise.

 Kate McEachern –  Wingeel:

Kate McEachern standing next to a Swamp gum planted September 2007 showing fantastic growth in what has been regarded as the driest period in the past 100 years
Kate McEachern standing next to a Swamp gum planted September 2007 showing fantastic growth in what has been regarded as the driest period in the past 100 years (Photo taken in 2010 showing three year growth)

We have contracted Oz Trees to do our tree planting for the past seven years during that time we have planted over 67,000 trees and have been thrilled with the results. The ripping, mounding and rotary hoeing has given the trees every chance to grow, even in drought years we have had wonderful results.

Over the years we have refined the species list coming up with the best mix of trees to suit the conditions on our property. One of the most pleasing things is often we have trees flowering within two years of planting, much to the delight of the local bird population. The other major benefit that we are seeing from our extensive planting program is the shelter we have gained for our livestock, particularly for the sheep during lambing. There is no way we could have planted as many trees without the expert help of Oz Trees and we would be happy to recommend them to anyone thinking about planting trees