Terms & Conditions

All plant and species information and plant images within this website are intended as a guide only. While we take great care in the realistic representation of our photos, many variables such as soil conditions, rainfall and other natural variation will effect the precise appearance of each plant variety. Generally the photos used are of mature specimens whilst the purchased item will be a juvenile version. The images are intended as a guide only. Oz Trees takes no responsibility for the accuracy of information or images contained within the website.

All plants are guaranteed to arrive healthy and in good condition. If you are not satisfied with the condition of the plants, we will either replace them or refund the purchase price of the individual plants, excluding freight charges, subject to the following conditions. We only send the best plants but we obviously can’t control what happens to them beyond a reasonable amount of time after they are received. Please note that Oz Trees reserves the right to require proof of plant condition by way of photograph or the like for customers to take advantage of this guarantee. Freight charges are not refundable. Plants sold at discounted prices, reduced prices or sale prices are not covered by this guarantee.

Any personally identifiable information entered into this website is used only by Oz Trees for the purposes of:

  1. Sending orders to its customers,
  2. Contacting customers to follow up on order information,
  3. if they so elect, for the purpose of them receiving regular mailouts only from Oz Trees.
  4. Processing orders and payments.

Oz Trees reserves the right to edit this privacy policy from time to time. If substantial changes are made, they will be published prominently on the website.

The availability of particular plant varieties does vary. Oz Trees is not bound to supply to anyone any particular plant variety at any time or as part of any offer made by Oz Trees and its representatives.

Oz Trees and its owners reserve the right to refuse any order placed by any person, corporation or entity at any time.