Beautiful Australian Wattles, are a versatile plant, quick growing, that will bring that burst of colour to your garden at the end of Winter through Spring.  Oz Trees Nursery propagates approximately 30 different species of Wattles each year.

Although some species can have a relatively short life span in comparison with other natives the beautiful flowers and versatility make them a must in any setting.

Acacia’s can range in height from small 1 – 5m high bushes, and in some desert area’s as mat-like creepers to tall forest trees reaching a height of 30m.

Oz Trees Nursery has started its propagation season for 2019 / 2020.

Some of the species we will be producing are:

Acacia baileyana purpurea – 5-8m in height, with bursts of purple new growth.

Acacia cardiophylla – 2-4m in height with masses of those familiar yellow flowers.

Acacia elata – 10-15m in height.  Very fast growing.

Acacia melanoxylon – 10 – 30m tall, and ideal in shelterbelts

Acacia pycnantha – 4m in height.  This is the official Floral Emblem of Australia.


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